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Thanks for your bid!! I hope these instructions help you in making a *cute as a button* diaper wreath!!

Below is a list of items you will need to get started and where to purchase them. Remember that the items I use to make this, is purely a sample. You may choose to use other baby items.

Let's get started.....

*1-pc 12 inch foam wreath (You can purchase at Wal-mart or a craft store) This should run you about 3.00

* Curling Ribbon-assorted colors (I purchase mine at a party wareshouse store) It should run you about 1.99 for a 500 yard roll. I use pink, blue, yellow, mint green.

* Diapers (You can use any size diaper and any name brand) I use Luvs size 1. You will only need approximately 13-15 diapers for a diaper wreath, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

* Wreath Hanger (Wal-Mart carries them in the craft section for around a 1.00. These are nice if you plan on giving them to somebody in the hospital so they can hang on the door.

* Baby Items~Keep in mind when purchasing items for the wreath, that you will only be able to fit so many items. You can really do any theme. I have purchased gift sets that save you a little money or you can buy the items separately. A good place to look if buying separate is a dollar store. They carry quality brand names such as (fisher price, gerber, etc) A really cute idea is to buy a travel size package of baby bath items and a pack of baby wash cloths and just use those items. Every mommy needs lotz of wash cloths and baby bath items.

* Here is a list of other items you may want to use* Bottle * Spoon * Bib * Travel Size Baby Bath Items * Baby Wash Cloths * Teething Ring/Rattles * Burp Cloths * Pacifier * Onesie *Booties *Scratch Mittens *Infant Nail Clippers *Baby Socks *Brush/Comb Set *Pacifier Holder

Next pick one color of ribbon and cut approximately 14-16 pieces at 24 inches long. If you are making a neutral colored wreath, I always start with yellow. If you know the sex of the baby, make sure you use the color of ribbon accordingly.

Take your 1st diaper and wrap it around the foam wreath (pic 2) and tie curling ribbon around the diaper (pic 3) and tie it so it is secure. You will go all the way around the wreath until it is full. Keep in mind that at the end you really have to squish the diapers together towards the end. Once you are done adding all your diapers, you will want to go around and slide the diapers apart so they are all evenly spaced.

Get your baby goodies ready and figure out where you would like to place everything before you start tying items on. Once you have decided, you may start tying each item securely with the yellow ribbons. Make sure you tie them tight and double knot them. Once you are done tying, you will need to pick the other ribbon colors that you are going to use. For boys, I use blue, green, yellow and girls pink, green, yellow. For neutral I use all 4 color ribbon. You will need to cut approximately 7-9 ribbons cut at 26 inches long for each extra color of ribbon yo decide to use.

Next take your newly cut ribbon and tie one ribbon thru the 1st yellow ribbon you see. I double knot them. Pick your next color ribbon and do the same thing. Wherever you see a yellow ribbon tied, you need to tie another colored ribbon thru it. (4th pic) I alternate colors all the way around. You can add as many ribbons as you want. All you have to do now is curl your ribbon and your done!!

I hope this helped you in making your diaper wreath. If you need any help please click on the link below and I will be happy to help you out. Thanks and send me a picture when you get done. I would love to see your creation!!!!



Please email me at halfpint73@sc.rr.com if you have any questions.